Plastic Harvest Crates

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Plastic harvest crates are also named plastic vegetable and fruit basket,Its a kind of ventilated crate. With two reinforced nylon handle bars, Its very easy for your arm lifting ,so we call it bale arm crate,bale arm tray,bale arm tray.

Due to its lightweight ,durable ,environmentally friendly and ventilated feature. Bale arm baskets are suitable for any use in fresh food reserving and transportation.

Farmer can use it as harvest crate,Then send the basket together with crops to market for selling .You can also see many baskets in supermarket display zone.Most are used to display vegetable and fruit ,sea food,cold food and anywhere its needed for baskets

Feature and benefit

Available for different depth,color
Logo branding in the middle available
Easy cleaning internal space
Nestable feature help you save 75% space in returned journey