plastic collapsible crate S603


Product Model


External Dimensions

365X275X210 mm
14.37X10.83X8.27 in

Internal Dimensions

325X240X195 mm
12.8X9.45X7.68 in


1.2 kg
2.65 lbs


15.2 Liters
4.02 Us gallon

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plastic collapsible crate are perfect space savers when there is nothing inside . They are very durable and they stack securely when you open it.Its clever design allows it to collapse virtually flat up when they are not in use.

plastic collapsible crate made from 100% virgin PP, are also known as foldable boxes.

• folding plastic crates reduce costs in reverse logistics
• Fully vented design for better ventilation
• Reduce waste to landfill when compared to cardboard
• 100% recyclable – no waste disposal at food retailer
• Simplifies your logistics process