plastic pallets 1008 nine feet


Product Model

1008 nine feet

External Dimensions

1000X800X150 mm
39.37X31.5X5.91 in

Static Load Weight

4 T

Dynamic Load Weight

1 T


7.8 kg
17.2 lbs

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Our plastic pallets are compatible with racking and can be handled with fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and conveyor systems. plastic pallets liberated labor force to some degree.They are widely use in factory warehouse,logistics center,supermarket for goods stacking,retail shop,etc


  • 1T dynamic load and 4T Static load
  • 2 or 4 entry way available
  • Access to forklift
  • Mesh wall or solid wall available
  • Non-slip mat enhance the stability for cargo stacking
  • Inserted iron steel reinforces its loading capacity for mesh pallet
  • Workable on rack